About Company

Our agency was established in 2001 under the name of (Markalize factory brand names) and continues to provide its services since its establishment and until now at the same address. We are based in Istanbul with offices in Konya, Bursa, Ankara and Antalya. Our organization has started to open a new horizon in the advertising and communication sector beyond the traditional advertising concept and has always developed itself every year to start offering new services. Through her experience and research, she specializes over time in the process of creating international brand names, shaping corporate and institutional identity, brand creation, brand management, trademark registration and the like. In the field of desktop publishing, our agency designs logos, billboards, posters, magazines, catalogs and publications. In the field of animation, video clips, advertising films, projector presentations, interactive videos, dubbing and other similar works are performed. In the field of informatics, web design, signage, domain name registration and institutional Outlook address are carried out. In the field of social content studies, advertising, media plans, lectures, conferences and social relations studies are carried out. Organizing exhibitions and others.

Our agency is an organization referred to in Lebanon in the fields of brand creation and registration. The international brand names expert BayKAMBER (Mawlood Kanbar) has recognized that there are significant shortcomings with regard to trademarks in our country and has placed the task of filling this void. BayKAMBER believes that the products and services produced in our country, despite the quality they enjoy, are not worth the value they deserve and has done in-depth studies in this subject to become a specialist in it and puts all elements of brand creation.
The lack of international Turkish brands in the global sense has been a sensitive point to deal with. In light of this, BayKAMBER conducted extensive studies in the field of brand creation and later succeeded in attracting attention through the formation of trademarks covering all the elements necessary for the formation of the global brand. He also stopped at a lot of important points including asking questions as to what are the reasons for our mistakes in creating the brand, how to form a continuous brand, how to create an effective and effective logo and other similar things.
Our company, which has achieved great successes in the fields of brand creation, corporate identity formation and advertising, is rightly proud to contribute to the economic values ​​of the country and to add value to the economy by providing its services to you.

Why our company?

Our Vision

We plan to make small and medium enterprises in our country as well as large businesses reach the level they deserve. Although most companies in our country provide high quality services and products, they are not getting the level they deserve and remain below their level only due to the mistakes made in the field of brand creation and the shortcomings suffered by companies in advertising. Markalize has been very sensitive to the subject of the telecommunications sector in order to take our company forward and work on the production and development of strategies in this area. Among the plans we are pursuing are producing highly competitive international brands and moving from outsourcing to strong brands. In light of the results of our strategic studies, we have taken it upon ourselves to contribute to the creation of giant brands in order to narrow the extent of the budget deficit through them and contribute to the economy of the country.

Our mission

Build the mission of the link between Turkey and other countries and provide the consulting services you need in Turkey. Producing solutions in the fields of branding, advertising, healthcare, tourism, law, real estate, finance, real estate investment consulting services and other fields and providing services as a solution center and a multi-pronged consultancy. We have embarked on our way to fill the big gap in the telecommunications sector and produce values ​​in a global sense. Our goal is to serve our company and our country by offering the best in the fields of brand formation, advertising, advertising, brand creation and corporate identity. Work to raise the level of institutions that we work with by providing high-quality brands and services to make them at a level that can compete at the global level Our core mission is strong brand, strong economy, strong society and strong state.

Quality Policy

We aim to achieve communication between you and the institutions, bodies and official and unofficial figures in Turkey with a focus on the right results and emphasizing respect for time and communication on time to produce durable solutions. One of our most important principles is to produce long-lasting business. What is more important for us is the production of stable and long-lasting works rather than works with instantaneous appearances. One of the important flaws of advertising campaigns is the inaction of quick fame. In the process of advertising and advertising must be the basis in the work is to leave a positive and continuous image in mind as well as to draw attention. High quality advertising should be attractive and leave a positive view of the product or service. It is important for us to carry out studies and research on how to conduct more productive campaigning campaigns taking into account mistakes in the areas of advertising and branding. The main principle of quality for the brand name factory is the production of well-balanced, sustainable and reputable brands and the production of advertising that directly targets the target.

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