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Our Services we Offer at Markalize

Trademark registration

With regard to the formation of an international brand, new international brand names are formed within the concept of service based on scientific data. The brand name is professionally designed


A patent is a private franchise granted formally to an inventor in a specified period of time in exchange for allowing the public to see the invention. In general, the right granted to the owner of the invention is to prevent others from making, using, selling or offering that invention without obtaining the consent of the patent owner.

Design of visual identity

The visual designs that constitute the institutional identity within the institutional identity formation activities are professionally prepared to represent you and your company in the best possible ways. Logo designs and logotype in corporate identity

Logo protection and registration

One of our services is to protect and record your own blog to protect it so that no one can use it without your consent

Institutional Consultations

Each of the institutional identity formation activities includes the design and printing of institutional materials (catalogs, publications, files, business cards, paperwork, conditions, etc.) used in and outside the institution)

Institutional Consultations

We organize advertising, advertising and marketing channels as efficiently as possible. Through our planning and media activities and professional team we ensure that your product and services are properly informed to the consumer segment in Turkey. Services in advertising on TV, Billposting, outdoor advertisement, Billposting, outdoor advertisement

Corporate license

Markalize International Services and Consultancy Company is engaged in establishing your company in Turkey, starting business and trading, and providing all necessary support and consultation

Extract work permission

We also have a department to extract all official permissions and papers for your business and commercial activity in Turkey, which includes permission to work or permission to conduct business in Turkey

Issuing Licenses

To do business in Turkey you may need to extract additional licenses from the official authorities .. So we help you Markaliza company to obtain the necessary licenses

Markalize Company for the registration of trademarks and patents

Markalize has succeeded in growing rapidly and has achieved success by offering various consulting services between Turkey and other countries, becoming a leading brand in its sector.

We worked with political figures and businessmen in Turkey